Infographics and Effective Presentations

The modern way of transmitting information: Infographics

Participants will learn how best to convey the main idea and information they want to convey and how they can do this with the applications at their disposal.


Every employee who wants to explain his job correctly


2 days

Upon request, the training contents can be filtered and organized as 1 day or 3 half days.


  • What is an Infographic and a Presentation?
  • Importance and Usage of Visual Documents
  • Similarities and Differences
    • Infographics – Presentation – Document – Report – Dashboard
  • Steps to Create the Infographic / Presentation
    • Determining the Main Message
    • Determining Content and Data Collection
    • Creating the Story
    • Determining the Layout
    • Determining the Visuals
      • Using Colors
      • Using Seperators
      • Using Text
      • Using Charts
      • Using Icons
      • Using Pictures
  • Mastering Powerpoint
    • Menus, Ribbons, Panes
    • Objects (Shapes, Texts, Pictures)
    • Alignment
    • Grouping
    • Using Master Slide
    • Working with Layers
    • Color Management
    • Picture Management
    • Animations